Nevada USA has certainly brought some interesting finds. Timely, too, given the world’s continued and growing demand for lithium as the newly relevant resource. Both our US-based Lithium prospecting projects – Colombus Marsh and Rhodes Marsh - are located just 50km and 70km respectively from the Silver Peak mine, North America’s only producing Lithium mine. There is history in this area, and with that comes considerable potential.

Nevada Lithium Project

Geology for both the Colombus Marsh and Rhodes Marsh projects appears consistent with the geology of other lithium deposits both operating and under development in the surrounding Clayton Valley by companies such as Albemarle, Pure Energy and American Lithium.

Colombus Marsh

Surrounded by epithermal hot springs, Colombus Marsh contains highly anomalous concentrations of Lithium brine deposits in aquifers. Following a localised gravity and magnetotelluric survey, a single drill hole was completed. Assays determined the highest concentration recorded so far is 96mg/1.

Rhodes Marsh

An untested neighbouring opportunity, the Rhodes Marsh Basin sits just 15km to north-west of the Colombus Marsh.

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